Greetings.  My name is Paul and I love to buy old electronics at thrift stores.

You hear a lot about people and their thrift store habits, but those people are usually talking about buying clothes or household items.

When I walk into a thrift store I bolt past the clothes and head straight for the electronics section.  I’m looking for old computers, software, videogame consoles, radios, stereos, handheld TVs, etc.  After that, I head towards the toy section to look for old software and games mistaken for puzzle boxes (and Lego, but that’s a thrift store rarity).  Then, I peruse the CDs looking for old games.

I plan to blog about the neat items I’ve found and why they interest me.  Sometimes I buy something knowing only the barest bit of information about what it is or why it was important.  Other times, I buy something because I recognize it very well.  All of the items I find have a story and part of the fun for me is finding what that story is.

Finding electronic items can be hard at the thrift stores around me, so I’ll often look for interesting books as well.  Don’t be shocked if I put up a few posts about some of my favorite books I’ve found at thrift stores as well.

I started going to thrift stores with my father when I was a child and even today we still go as a pair on evenings and weekends trolling the local thrift stores for neat stuff.   I also plan on blogging about the patterns we’ve recognized in what what makes a thrift store likely to be a good place to find neat items or not.

I’ve been very inspired by UXWBill, of YouTube fame.  Before I found his channel I knew that buying old electronics was something that I liked to do, but I never knew that it was a thing.  His enthusiasm and energy (the dude is a video creating machine) have given me confidence that blogging about as esoteric a subject as used electronics can not only be interesting but rewarding.  UXWBill has taught me that every device, no matter how humble, has a story.


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